Uncharted Territory

Perhaps I’m a bit of a loose cannon.

Or maybe stumbling around in the dark is more accurate.

Either way, I am casting off many things which held me back from trying new and scary things.  In writing and publishing my first blog without the research of what I was ‘supposed’ to do; I am certain there are things which could have been better.

Rules which bloggers follow. Ways to get more readers.  Formatting. What in the F is a ‘pingback’?

But I jumped in and pushed the publish button without much thought to the consequences and then spent last night obsessing until 1:30 in the morning.  Retroactively worrying about the supposed-to’s and what people would think.

This morning I woke up refreshed from the five hours of sleep my children allowed me. A new attitude toward this whole endeavor.

I have things to say.  A voice and perspective that is unique. (We all do!) Interesting stories to tell and poems of questionable quality to publish.

Unmoored and divorcing myself from the construct of what I should write or what I think people want to hear.

I embark on a journey to heal the past, enjoy the present and watch the future unfold.

6 Replies to “Uncharted Territory”

  1. oh I am quite sure you will figure it all out. Those pingbacks can be mind-boggling when first starting out. it’s nothing more than a link to a page…the paperclip thingy in the editor makes them. just copy the address of whatever page you want to “ping back” to and your address for the post will appear on the page.

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